ROLE: Animation

Rugby League Titles 2015

Following on from the success of the Rugby League World Cup advert we created, we were asked by BBC Sport to create a new trail to promote this years Rugby League Tournaments.

We see the trophy hurtle down from the heavens before being snatched from its perch by the invading giants. What follows is a high paced, adrenaline charged, chase across the country concluding in an epic scramble for the prize!

Animation Studio: Blue ­Zoo
Directors: Dan Edgley & Charlie Batho
Executive Producer: Damian Hook
Producer: Chantal Robbins
Storyboards: Dan Edgley
Modelling: Charlie Batho
Rigging: Anthony Delliste
Animation: Dan Edgley, Simone Giampaolo, Anthony Delliste
Lighting: Charlie Batho
Compositing: Charlie Batho & Dan Edgley
Client: BBC Sport