ROLES: Director, Story/Character Artist, Animator

Poly's Feast (2013)

Poly's Feast is a humorous interpretation of Homer's Odyssey that illustrates the amused reaction of two Greek soldiers with the view of a tiny cyclops, behind whose cute and innocent look hides an insatiable predator. Poly's Feast is unique as it is a CG film which emulates the miniature look of a stop motion set, but whilst giving the characters the snappy motion typical of 2D animation masters such as Tex Avery.


  • BFX Competition Awards:

    - Best Character
    - Best Rendering
    - Best Film

  • Best SIGGRAPH 2014 Dailies Presentation

Team Members:

Simone Giampaolo: Director, Lead Animator, Story Artist, Character Designer
Henrik Linnes: Lead Modeller
Tuomo Rinne: Pipeline/Effects TD
Alexandra Birchmore: Concept/Texture/Lighting Artist
Wojtek Zankowski: Shading/Lighting/Rendering TD
Robert Stratton: Rigging TD